A very special part of my practice is my work with couples. 

There's nothing more rewarding or satisfying than helping two people communicate with one another in order to get their needs met and make their relationship the best it can be. And like most people, I love a happy ending, but real life is not like a romantic comedy.

Relationships, especially intimate ones, are challenging and take a lot of hard work. Even the healthiest of couples have problems from time to time negotiating life's ups and downs, and sometimes learning new ways of communicating with one another is all a couple requires to get back on track.

In advising couples for over fifteen years, I've found the work challenging, dynamic and rewarding. This experience has taught me that one of the most important skills a couple can master is the act of listening. Too often, in long-term relationships, people fall into unconscious patterns and in doing so, start to anticipate their partner's response. This act of anticipation can handicap couples from truly hearing what their partner needs, and when this essential level of communication ceases, the relationship stops working.

In our work together, I'll guide and encourage you by providing the necessary tools and resources that allow you both to create a healthy and bountiful relationship with one another. I believe therapy can provide a place to explore thoughts and feelings about your relationship as well as the opportunity to practice new ways of interacting with each other in a safe and trusting atmosphere without judgment or criticism.  

Given the evolution of our cultural views and definitions of "traditional" and "monogamous" relationships today, please note that I work with non-traditional couples who engage in open and polyamorous relationships.