What I Believe

 The act of doing therapy is a bit like tending a garden; it takes diligence and care to achieve growth. I know that sounds challenging, but the outcomes and successes of working on yourself and your relationships far outweigh the negatives. All of us have gardens that need occasional weeding and replanting, and when we're not attending to these important details, or taking care of ourselves, we can experience feelings of depression, anxiety, restlessness and frustration.

In choosing to work with me, I will guide and encourage you by providing the necessary tools and resources that allow you to create a healthy and bountiful garden of your own. Counseling is a joint effort which cannot be successful without both of our commitments, hard work and courage. I also believe therapy provides a place to explore thoughts and feelings about relationships in your life as well as your relationship with yourself. This work allows you the opportunity to practice new ways of interacting with others in a safe and trusting atmosphere where you're not judged or criticized.