Partners and Family Members of Survivors


One of my special niches is assisting both partners and family members of survivors. This is an area of need that is underserved and not spoken about often enough in our culture. 

It's difficult to be a partner or a parent, sibling, friend or loved one of someone suffering from the effects of abuse and trauma. It can be confusing, frustrating and challenging to determine how to take care of yourself and your own needs in this type of relationship while continuing to be a source of support for the survivor. 

It also can be a painful struggle about which the general population has little information or sensitivity. Partners and families of survivors often make sacrifices that leave them feeling depressed, uncertain, misunderstood, unappreciated and confused. 

I strive to provide support for these individuals and families that struggle with these issues by providing a safe place to explore and talk about these conflicting and ambivalent emotions and by offering supportive options to manage these turbulent times.